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Identity "Crises"

I hate when people change my name to what they want it to be.

When it comes to my legal first name, which is Annamaria, despite that there are ten thousand forms to fill out when getting hired, or applying for some program, etc - I still end up with variations of Annamarie, Anna Maria, Annmarie, Anna (wheredidthesecondhalfofmynamego?!), etc, you get the point.

And I'm left wondering, why don't you just look at my forms? Is that so hard?

I understand if something is mispronounced. That's one thing. But when you can't copy and paste to make it look exactly the same, I dunno how to respond to that.

But I've begun to learn.

I understand that humans are often wired to take the shortest route for littlest input, maximum output. However, I need all my forms to match or you're creating legal problems for me. I understand when it's a typo. Sure, that makes sense. We're all human. But at the rate I see mistakes of my name - there is no way 75% of the time people are making typos.

So as of late I've come to aggressively seek correction of these "typos" so everything can make sense. Because legally, there are not 4 or 5 variations of me on paper. There's one. And I know I'm making people's day a little more complicated, but it tends to be a larger problem for me because I have to deal with the results of incompetence and wishful simplicity.

The point of my snark is this: if you type names anywhere, for any reason, try your best to get it right. It matters to the person's identity which you happen to be typing.

A very big thank you in advance.


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