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An Unripened Avocado

As most writers do, I have a lot of half-baked ideas. Maybe this is one of them. However, I want to share my opinions on the intersection of the modern career and 21st century womanhood and how that translates into my perceptions of my life as a mid-twenty-something.

I feel like using fruits and containers is a good way to evaluate some feelings of mine. So here I am, the unripened avocado. Now, yes, I may be slightly discrediting myself, but wait for my explanation. In the awesome city I live in, hiring managers refuse to see me when I drop off my resume at the front desk, even when I am willing to wait until they are free. I respond to job postings where people seem to need a tutor right away and yet never even get notified that they read my quote. And when I go to look at all the listings out there... who are we kidding? What am I even "qualified" for?

I might have a bachelor's, I might have some experience relevant to a few different fields at this point. But I don't have specific extra certifications, I don't have a master's, and I'm not a magical warrior that can morph into a hiring manager's dream girl without knowing what they are looking for besides some key words.

So I, the unripened avocado, am looking for a container to ripen in. It could be a basket, a tupperware tub, a pyrex bowl, or perhaps a brown paper bag, even if shared with bananas. But I need someplace to settle for a little while because I am a fruit and I don't go on adventures every day without having a home. That home could still be the grocery store or the kitchen counter or the fridge. But I need a position of security.

I'm not saying that the job market is unfair. I am saying I wish I felt like if I put in the time and effort I could at least be seen. I'd like to feel noticed.


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