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Dogged Days - Part 3

Not quite as dogged anymore!

So we still have that dog. But now we also have a cat.

Meet my 9-month-old rescued American Domestic Shorthair named Cosmo:

Meet Cosmo with Carlos:

They are brothers and together they make our animal-parent lives better.

Where Carlos has always had an aggressive streak toward me, Cosmo is kind and loving. He follows me around like my shadow. He puts a lace on my shoe even when it doesn't need one (ref photo). He constantly wants snacks. Wet food is his favorite and he would eat it all day if he was allowed. He likes the litter in the box lower than the recommended amount of 2 inches. He meows the word 'hello' sometimes, especially when he's lonely and we're trying to sleep. Basically, he's adorable to the max.

^Cosmo added his shoelace to my flat. Sweet, but impractical.

Ultimately, I'm really glad we got Cosmo. He makes me feel I can be truly affectionately loved by a mobile pet (excluding my gilled friends in my 10 gallon tank) and that Carlos's behavior doesn't define me as a pet-parent. Cosmo treats me the way Carlos treats my boyfriend and it's refreshing to feel I make this little critter's life better.

Before Cosmo, I wasn't sure if I was cut out for four-legged pets. Now I know that our dynamic family is sure to work.

Even if Carlos did bite my face again last week.

Because when Carlos hurts me Cosmo comes and lets me cry into his fur and won't leave me until I'm feeling better.

Cosmo is the cat I didn't know I needed.


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