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Dogged Days - Part 1

Ohh doggy!

There are a lot of strange things that happen as you grow to expand your beliefs and knowledge. For example, I can't say I ever expected to own a dog.

It began with my boyfriend. Actually, that's kind of a lie: it's all because of him. :)

When I was ten or so, a dog as big as my skinny self chased me through a friend's house, to shorten a short story I don't particularly enjoy even today. I never liked dogs after that.

So it was very curious when my now-boyfriend introduced me to his sister. She has three dogs. One of them was the most adorable ever and it stole my heart. I started walking it for her every chance I got. This dog, Harry, would wander about on these walks sniffing every other blade of grass because he could and because I let him and I felt he was my soul-pup. He made me so very happy and I was saddened to leave him when both my boyfriend and I moved to a different city, and then his sister and her significant other also did the same.

Pittsburgh with my beau was great. Sure, we had/have our issues, but I love living with him. Eventually, he started a dog search. I think he just missed having one around and he's always been in a household with them except for recently. And with my softening toward all dogs because of The Harry Effect I thought maybe this could be something positive for me as well.

So after several searches and a meetup we got this doggo named Carlos and he makes me happy. He's not perfect and he definitely needs training. But he's mine. He's cute and he knows it.

Ultimately, I wanted to write a post about my positive experiences to show that with time and willingness (both human and critter) one can overcome such an obstacle.


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