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The Branding Misunderstanding

Do you have your own brand? Are you your own brand?

Everything revolves around branding these days and keeping a consistent image. Supposedly.

One of the main aspects of branding means you define the image you want others to have, whether that's for a good, service, or hey - yourself. We live in the social media age and we create a lot of our own image by the images and words we individually choose and post.

You might be wondering where the cross section is here for you as reader, me as writer, and The Weeknight Maximum as a medium.

Someone recently told me that The Weeknight Maximum could never get many reads or visits because it doesn't have one solid theme. It's not about fitness or fashion or any singular issue. To some extent they are right - but I am quick to say they are also wrong.

The Weeknight Maximum is here for me to express myself intellectually, humorously, and personally. If I had to limit myself to one topic how could the blog ever be well-rounded? How could I ever fully express myself to you without subtracting a part of myself from whatever I write? Why do we have to have blogs that only attract one certain type of reader? Doesn't that set a cap on a blog/website's growth? Wouldn't that stunt my growth as a blogger? It's like the way the public approaches the news: you read what you want to hear about, when you want to hear about it. I feel that anyone should be able to come here and only read the entries labeled "intellectual" if they want, for example. That's what it means to be a visitor. Stop by, stay as long as you please, and return whenever you're ready.

The Weeknight Maximum stands for real stories, real thoughts, and a laugh here and there. My goal is to be genuine and entertaining always in a thoughtful way. My relationship with readers is an open one - pop in anytime and you'll be welcomed.


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